Works of Autumn

Works of Autumn

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About Autumn

My Background

I have always been a creative person, using my imagination in everything I do. My love for art and design is ever-deepening because there is always a technique to improve, new to learn, and a message to express. I have never been talented, I'm just good at never giving up.

My Creative Projects

I work digitally when creating branding for businesses, marketing materials or when illustrating. I also dabble in Photography. My favorite fine art medium is acrylic on canvas; however, I am not one to shy away from charcoal, pastel, ink or pencil or any other medium when it comes to my art. 

My Inspiration

I'm inspired by the psychology behind our lives, the deeper meaning in everyday details, and being able to express or convey emotions and ideas through imagery. I also love nature, music, dance and surreal art and literature.

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Autumn Mabry

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